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Flourishing Daylilies: Incredible!

There are 21 new intros for 2024 (for the newest see Ansari 2024 Introductions; for previous ones see Ansari 2023 Introductions, Ansari 2022 Introductions, Ansari 2021Introductions, Ansari 2020 Introductions; and Ansari Introductions through 2019). Some of my intros are shown in the small photos are above, click on a photo to go to its page. My hybridizing focus is patterned eyes and blue tones.

We are trying to sell as many of the named daylilies that we aren't using for hybridizing (that aren't our intros) as possible. I am selling daylilies inexpensively (and surprisingly quickly) in the evenings on the Facebook page Daylilies and Seedlings Sales Page on weekday nights, starting again in January; they have been selling out super fast. I sell nice plants and my prices have been quite reasonable.
I have a half acre of daylilies with a 20' x 36' greenhouse in Pinole, California, adjacent to San Pablo Bay, the northern part of San Francisco Bay (only two sets of train tracks between us and the bay). Named plants are grown in 3 gallon pots, in a mixture of peat moss, cocoa fiber, redwood bark fines, and perlite; seedlings used to be started directly in the ground but we are running out of room; some now go directly from seed flat to pots). We fertilize with alfalfa pellets, Espoma Plant Tone 5-3-3, and Nutricote 13-11-11 Total. When necessary we water our plants a couple of times a week (and usually have a big water bill). Our plants normally are healthy with big roots! Our daylilies don't usually have lots of small extra fans, but they are very likely to bloom. I'm a hybridizer, and I care about having flowers and seeds.
This website and the price list are not regularly updated. My husband had a stroke December 2013 which left him paralyzed and catastrophically disabled; and another massive stroke June 2017. We're grateful to have him at home, but it keeps me busy, and the website doesn't get updated. We have a lot of new varieties and I used to get updated prices onto the Word list. Repeat: THIS WEBSITE IS NOT UPDATED! Daylilies marked "display" may now be available; many on even the Word list are actually sold out; please check with me! Others very possibly have prices that are no longer appropriate or may no longer be available.
Availability and prices on the attached Word Price List (this is the .docx version) were at some point accurate.
Flourishing Daylilies Price List in Word (this is the .rtf version)
(you can sort by hybridizer, flower size, scape height, bloom season, leaf type (dormant, semievergreen, evergreen), or price: select the column, then under "table tools" and "layout" use the "sort" function).
Recently added: About Us page with pictures of our place and some of our story.

I offer a BONUS plant (if you want) worth about 20% the cost of the plants you have chosen (cost before shipping). I ask your general preference about bonus plants. We guarantee our plants to be true to name. We don't use tissue culture or BAP in propagation.

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Shipping within the U.S. is USPS Priority Mail, $11 for the first plant, $2 for each additional item shipped at the same time to the same address. For moderate orders, medium flat rate-$14 for 3 to 4 items, large flat rate-$19 for 5 to 10 items (prices subject to change when the post office/paypal raise their rates.) We ask that international orders be over $300, they pay actual shipping costs, and need to pay the actual cost for a phytosanitary certificate. We cannot currently ship to the European Union. Click here for full information on ordering and shipping.
We are now considered zone 10a, we used to get winter temps in the 20s, the last two years only in the 30s. Dormants have been reasonably happy with us, but rust can be, too, so we keep a regular spray program. We have no rust. Our nursery is licensed and inspected. We feed our plants well and regularly get feedback that our plants are unusually large and healthy. We aren't growing them to get the most fans we can.
Please let me know *right away* (as soon as you get your plants) if you are ever unhappy with anything you receive from us; we'll try to make it right. However, we can't be responsible for delays in overseas shipping or customs.
Confirm availability before sending payment! Plants are confirmed reserved when paid for, we ship year-round. Please email Subhana Ansari for orders (preferred); if I haven't responded to your email, you can text my cell 510-480-5607, between 10 AM and 10 PM (Pacific Time). I strongly prefer email.

Click here to view my Lily Auction Feedback  (you have to be logged into The Lily Auction to view feedback). I have been selling some seeds I don't have room to plant, ones where I know both parents mostly on the Lily Auction, ones where the pollen parent is unknown mostly on Facebook (Flourishing Daylilies).

Click here to go to my facebook page for my powerpoint presentation for Monday Night Lights Feb. 2023 with favorite seedlings.
Click here to view my powerpoint presentation from Monday Night Lights on Facebook, March 2021, showing my seedlings (67M).
Click here to open the pdf file of my version of the article from the spring 2017 DaylilyJournal Article on me, with the edits I hoped would go into the final version and the photos.