Secret of Secrets

Secret of Secrets
(DF $45)

(Ansari 12) C185 (Precious Candy x Free Bird) Tet. Ev. EMRe. 28” scape, 6” flower, orchid petal, lighter halo watermark, lavender to gold ruffled edge, highlights on midrib, blue tones in eye and edge in shade, 3-way branching, BC 14-20, fertile both ways. Secret of Secrets is Bill Maryott's favorite of my seedlings so far.; second photo is his, upper right on a large screen, used with permission. Michael Bouman is also very fond of Secret of Secrets; he says it would be a $100 daylily from Florida growers. The lower left (third) photo is his, used with permission; thanks, Michael! The other photos are mine.

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